Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carkeek 12 Hour!!!

Just a reminder to sign up for the Carkeek 12 Hour if you haven't already, as the price increases after tomorrow (10/24)! Check out all the details here; , but it's shaping up to be an incredible race this year with especially great support from The North Face and Caffe Vita! Hope to see you all out there on the super fun (albeit super hard) trails of Carkeek on Nov. 1 !

Hawaii was Fantastic!

Kirsten and I had an amazing time in Hawaii this past week and a half, and it was incredibly relaxing to just "be" and not have to worry about day to day stresses of life. We went surfing, kayaking, swimming, went for a super gnarly hike/run all the way up and down the Na Pali Coast (that's the pic here), and just enjoyed relaxing together. It's kind of funny that one sometimes has to go so far away to get away from the stress of life (although the direct flight to Kauai was definitely easy and nice), but I'm trying to adopt the idea of "being on island time" and that more relaxed low stress lifestyle even now that we're back in Seattle. Having been to Hawaii only once before (during the 50 marathons and then only for about 15 hours or so), this trip was a wondeful time to really explore Hawaii a bit more and we both loved it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gone til November

Well, not quite gone til Nov., but couldn't resist the Wyclef Jean song title since it's almost appropriate. Kirsten and I are voyaging into the deep unkown- offline, and finally going on a long overdue and much needed real vacation (i.e., not centered around some lengthy running adventure or race), and can hardly wait. No phones, no computer, no email, just pure relaxing and enjoying. We’ll be in Kauai for the next while, but will return in about a week and half- full of Vitamin D that we are lacking in Seattle and full of pictures I’m sure! Who knows, we may even sneak a few runs in here and there…

Also, be sure to check out the Carkeek 12 Hour race, and get registered soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brock is the man!

Well, I already knew Brock was one of the fittest real men on the planet, but now everyone else does too! What an awesome training partner to have! Way to go Brock! Check him out in this month's Outside magazine feature!