Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Maximize Your Weekend in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1:  Go to the mountains.  Quickly.

Step 2:  Eschew sleep. (it only wastes valuable weekend mountain time)

Brock Gavery and me after 32:33 on the glorious Wonderland Trail and about 50 hours of no sleep.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wonderland Pilgrimage

I'm an awful blogger.  I'll own that readily.  I don't post regularly by any means, but in my defense I try to only post when I have something somewhat legitimately worth sharing.  Ah well.  Here's something I deem semi-worthy;

I'm headed out for what's become my annual pilgrimage around the spectacular Wonderland Trail tomorrow.  My compatriot Brock Gavery will be joining me and we're going to attempt to break the unsupported speed record (currently at just over 30 hours).  We'll be time-motivated but not time-stressed, as the loop is just too darn glorious to stress out on.  There's been a lot of record attempt activity of late, and with very late snow melt, the window of opportunity this year has become very small indeed.  I'm excited for a nice quiet loop around the mountain and will report back when we're done. 
Me, on the Wonderland Trail about a month ago right by the Carbon Glacier.  (Photo courtesy of: Colin Meagher)