Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Recovering well

Well here we are a week and a half (getting close to 2 weeks) after the CO Trail expedition. I've yet to be able to focus on the trek enough to really reflect on all that happened and digest it, but the immensity of what happened in one short week is beginning to soak in for sure, albeit slowly.

I'm working on revamping my website and adding photos, etc., so please bear with me for a bit longer on that- I promise there's more to come. Things have been very busy with phix since I returned to Seattle (and I'm actually in Portland right now), so I haven't had much free time of late. In the meantime I wanted to share these photos of one of my feet (I know- it sounds thrilling...), but thought it was kind of funny. This makes me think of the commercials and posters from back in the 80's with the "this is your brain on drugs" theme. So without further ado, this is your foot (or my foot I guess) before the CO trail;
And this is my foot one short week later (sorry for the low quality and fuzziness, but you get the idea);

Have a great day!

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