Friday, September 26, 2008

Glacier Peak Adventure!

Well, Brock and I are embarking on a weekend adventure tonight. We're headed up to the Glacier Peak area, and we're going to circumnavigate it! You may be familiar with the Wonderland Trail that goes around Mt. Rainier, and we're shooting to do something similar. Since the Wonderland Trail is still pretty washed out from flooding etc., Brock figured out this adventure last week. Linking several trails together (including a chunk of the PCT), we'll be able to loop around Glacier Peak for about a 95 mile run. This is in super remote territory, and we'll be prepared for most anything, but it should be an incredible run. We won't pass a single road in that entire loop, and the views should be spectacular. Looks like the weather will likely cooperate too, and it should be a fantastic weekend.

My trench feet are significantly better and I'm hoping won't be a problem for this. I'm packing plenty of dry socks to change into, so I'll be super careful about that. I'm also wearing some great new North Face shoes called the Chinscrapers that are really comfortable and water resistant, which should help a lot on this remote terrain. Brock will be trying out the same shoes, so should be fun.

Interestingly enough, I just stumbled upon this little video link on the North Face site where I talk about how to prepare for a backcountry run. Hmmm, seems very apropos for me to heed my own advice right about now!

Have a great weekend, and we'll be back soon full of stories and photos I'm sure!


Monk Monkey said...

Have fun! Take lots of pictures! Watch out for rabid deer! Take care of those feet! Hey, any news on that 12 hour race?

Sam said...

Thanks a bunch! What a crazy adventure it was- I'll post some pics here in a little bit!

The Carkeek 12 Hour is on for sure! Check it out here;

Michael said...