Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seattle Public Library Passport Run

I sure do love my local library, and I go there often. Every time I go in I'm amazed by how much information is there- just asking to be read! So when I heard that the Seattle Public Library had started a new passport program to encourage people to get out to see all the new and improved libraries around Seattle, I knew I had to get busy. So I mapped out a route, and I'll be running tomorrow to all of the libraries in the Seattle Public Library network (27 to be exact!), and it'll be about 60 miles total. The weather looks like it will be awful, so that should make things even more interesting.

My goal in this is quite simply to get people excited about their public library, and to get out and use their local branch (hopefully on foot or bike!), and to encourage you to help out the SPL Foundation as well. More info about them can be found here.

I'll be updating throughout the day on Twitter through my profile there seesamrun, so be sure to follow along! If I can figure out how to blog photos from my phone, I'll throw some photos on the blog throughout the day tomorrow as well, but I wouldn't count on photos til Friday. Thanks for following, and go read a book!

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