Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Arches + Running = ????

Tomorrow I'm embarking on a sort of nutritional/social experiment (whilst running of course). I'm going to run around Lake Washington (about a 60ish mile run on road/bike path that I've done a handful of times before). But the catch is that this time my goal is to do it while nourished from nothing but 3 squares from none other than McDonald's.

Why on earth am I doing this? Well, in the spirit of New Year's resolutions and people probably starting to fall off of them already at this point, my goal in this is just to get people really thinking about what they eat and what goes into their bodies. I doubt honestly that many people eat 3 meals a day at McDonald's (and I certainly hope not), but with obesity more on the rise in our country now than ever, I fear it's not far from the reality of most peoples' diets (over 1/3 of Americans are now OBESE!). So the goal is just to say hey- if just 3 meals at McDonald's can fuel me to run this far in a day, just think about what that same caloric intake is doing in the average sedentary American's body in a given day while sitting at a desk!

So my goal is to do this run fueled only by 3 meals from McDonald's (which I'll of course stop at along the way). I'll just eat standard value meals or whatever the norm is. I never eat fast food, so I fear this could get really ugly with my GI system, but it'll be an interesting experiment.

More to come on this, and I'll be updating probably via Twitter throughout the day tomorrow with caloric intake, progress, etc. Pass it along, and tell your friends! Let's do our part to make a dent in our nation's obesity problem! See you on the pavement!

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The Lucas said...

You may have inspired me to try as well, looking forward to your post thoughts