Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

I just looked back on some photos from 2006 when I was at Mardi Gras (the first one after Katrina and Rita hit), and it was so wonderful to see the resilient celebratory spirit of the wonderful people in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast. It makes me really happy to see that come hurricane, come recession, come what may, New Orleanians find something to celebrate at Mardi Gras no matter what!

Fat Tuesday is kind of a cathartic day, and I think of it almost as a second chance for many people who by this time are letting their New Years resolutions slide. Fat Tuesday is a great day to let it all out, and give your resolution (or something else) another go for the coming Lent season. So go on out and enjoy the day today, eat your fill of King Cake, and get ready for some serious fitness and running it all off tomorrow (or in the next week or so if that sounds better!)!

Also, while today is a day of celebration, it's a great time to be reminded of all the needs that still exist on the Gulf Coast, even today. There are still plenty of opportunities to go down and volunteer to help build homes, etc., and the opportunity to give is as important as ever. There are many great organizations still active and doing great things on the coast, and Common Ground Relief is just one if you want somewhere to start!

Happy Mardi Gras!

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