Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy, busy, off to Rainier

My apologies for my lack of blogging of late- it's been a busy few weeks since Cascade Crest. I'll post more soon (next week), but the brief summary is that I attempted the Plain 100 2 weeks ago, then flew out to D.C. for the North Face Endurance Challenge. I had an amazing time out there running the half-marathon with my big brother. Today I'm headed down to Rainier for another fun trek. My buddy Brock and I are running/speed hiking the Wonderland Trail to circumnavigate the mountain this weekend. It's about 95 miles and should be absolutely spectacular and amazing. I'll take plenty of photos and video for a fun feature presentation documenting the event, so check back next week for sure. Happy trails to all!


Will Thomas said...

Enjoy Wonderland! I circled it earlier this month (in a slow by your standards 45hour 45min). The trail is in great shape.

Sam said...

Nice- congrats on a sweet run out there Will! We weren't much faster at all though- that is some seriously tough terrain. Man, what a sweet trip though- so glad you were able to get out there and enjoy it!