Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 3 - Looking Strong

Late afternoon on day 2, Kirsten joined Sam for a 12-mile stretch.  At around 5:30 the trail got dark, causing Sam and Kirsten to rely on recognition of rock piles that mark the trail.  However, the low light led them off course and they got lost - likely due to mistakenly following another trail's markers.  A couple hours later, S&K realized they were lost and decided to hike down the mountain until they found the right trail, which took a good two hours because there was no path to follow.  Having lost some about 3 hours, Sam pitched camp one trail segment early.  The plan is to make up this segment over the next two days.

On day 3, Sam's looking strong and resolved.  The pain he was feeling due to the elevation has gone away (Sam's doing well at keeping his heart rate low by taking deep breaths and has finally adjusted to the altitude), but the weather is still hot.

Tomorrow's segment: 57 miles with lots of hiking.  Brock will leave the team tomorrow and head back to Seattle, and Kirsten's parents will meet up with S&K at the campground tomorrow evening.

Sam's daily diet of 12,000-15,000 calories
Turkey avocado sandwich
Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Cliff bars
Peanut M&Ms
Lots of Gatorade
Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Kidding.

Sam eats at least something every hour, but is only able to have "meals" every 4-8 hours.


Anonymous said...


Keep the updates coming. We're all following along and rooting for you.

Stay strong and keep those eyes peeled for markers!

- Garett

haley Caruso said...

Hi Sam and Kirsten! Keep up the good work---and use a headlamp at night! hahaha. Good luck Sam--you can do it. Everyone here at TNF is cheering for you.--Haley

Anonymous said...

Hey Saaaamson!

Hope your running is going swell, dude you are a machine! Hope we can see some pics soon, that'd be sweet. Keep up the pace and I swear next time I see you I will have lots of cold pbr's with your name on it. :)


haley Caruso said...

Sam! The record was broken! By Paul Pomeroy! He broke the record by 1hr and 25 mins!! You can do better Sam, I know it! Stay strong and keep eating those snickers.