Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of Day 4 and Beginning of Day 5

Another great update from Brock:

Brock says:

Sam covered some solid ground on day 4 - about 55 miles of quad crushing terrain and lung clenching elevation. He arrived at segment 13 at around 2 am. Sam was now joined by Kirsten's parents, who were incredible supporters of the 50 50 in 50. They were also there to crew Sam's second 100 mile race. Needless to say, the are no strangers to "ultra-crewing." The photographer and videographer were also there. Sam was uplifted by the extra support.

Day 5 began at around 7 am. Sam looked very strong after several hours of sleep and the North face crew hit the trail to capture Sam's determination. The last word came from Kirsten who said day 5 was nothing more than a continuation of an never ending slog. The plan is to run about 50 + miles by the end of day 5 and for Sam to catch up on some much needed rest. By mid Day 5 he is past the half way point and has run more than 260 miles. Sam is still on track to set a very impressive record that will take some serious suffering to break.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brock -

I hope I get to meet you one day. You sound like an amazing spirit yourself. Thanks a million for the insights into what it was like out there.

I woke early this morning with those guys on the brain, wondering how far along they are. Keep the updates coming along.

- Garett Graubins

Anonymous said...

More than half way there? Nice Job! Don't forget the sunscreen...

Brock tells me, he has never met someone who can suffer like you...obviously that says a lot coming from him. So suffer on, and we will celebrate in Seattle when you get back.