Thursday, August 28, 2008

CC 100 update...

And more stinky feet. Sorry for the delayed update on CC100, but all is well. It was a great race, and an absolutely gorgeous day with perfect weather. I had forgotten how incredible the scenery is on that spectacular course. I ran strong and was doing well for about 53 miles. I did feel my trench feet begin to crack open again around mile 15, but I began popping Advil and was feeling ok for a while. I picked up my ever-faithful training partner Brock and Hyak at mile 53, and we had a good time for a while, though my feet were getting progressively worse and the Advil's effectiveness was diminishing significantly. So we pushed on, had a fun time through the night despite the incredible foot pain, and just enjoyed being out on the trail. My feet just weren't into cooperating though, and by mile 81, we just had to stop as we were moving at about 2 miles an hour at that point, and I was still slowing down, so not a good outlook for the last 19 miles. I'm not bummed at all, and feel fine with the result. It was a great day, and I took a gamble going after a 100 miler so shortly after CO with a double case of trench foot, so I knew it could go either way.

I went to the doctor at Kirsten's urging on Monday and got thoroughly checked out. The doctor said no shoes and no running for a while to let my trench feet heal. I also got some x-rays and was reassured to know there are no stress fractures or anything else going on- just a pair of really nasty feet that hurt. But they're bound to get better soon!

Thanks for following along, and I'll keep the updates coming. Have a great day!


King Arthur said...

81 miles! Great job. I was surprised that you started the race with those feet.

Will Thomas said...

Thanks for the update. I was curious all week what had happened.

Following the splits on the website showed that you were doing great all race.

I was afraid of a rolled ankle or similar injury with the stop at 80 miles.

Time to let those feet air out! Thanks for keeping us updated.