Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 7

Sam is currently on segment 25 which ends at Molas Pass ( roughly mile 415) deep into the San Jauns Mountain Range. The crew has had horrible luck with access as most roads are hardly Jeep accessible. In fact, the crew's Jeep broke down while forging a creek and currently remains there. Sam is staying strong and determined.  Kirsten is currently in Silverton regrouping. The crew is trying to figure out how they are going to access Sam on the next segments which are all over 20 miles each. Because Sam is fatigued and sleep deprived, there is concern for him tackling such long segments by himself at night in the unforgivable San Juans. If any Silverton or Durango based Hardrocker/Ultrarunner reads this post and wants to take an all night 30 mile shift from Molas Pass to Hotel Draw Road tonight around 6pm - please email  Come on Sam!


Anonymous said...


You're in a beautiful place I know well...keep your head on straight and your feet on the trail...and keep going!!! You can do this--I'm thinking of you, buddy. Go get 'em, rockstar.


mnodurft said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! You got it, and you know it. Hammer those last few miles and celebrate together at the end. I'll be having a PBR when you're done in honor of the adventure. Your posts have solidified my resolve to tackle the Trail next summer, but don't worry, your record will definitely not be threatened by my run. Rock on.


Anonymous said...

come on dude, friday is day eight!, not seven.! you can do this but you gotta run the hardest you have ever run. no complacency. the guys that have come before you are great but, to beat them, you must be greater. no niceties, it is crunch time. now or never. this is hardrock terrain,time to be hard as a rock

Kire said...


Congratulations on all that you have accomplished! You should be extremely proud of yourself. Hugs to you!