Monday, July 20, 2009

Hardrock Video

Here's a quick video recap of my Hardrock race; big thanks to Kirsten and Kevin for their master video/photo skills! There's a longer written recap in the post below.


Anonymous said...

nice video sam. Wish i could of run with you and shared the san juan magic.


Phil said...

Cinematic brilliance. Questionable facial hair.

Will Thomas said...

Congrats on Hardrock! That's just an amazing acomplishment. I just recently summit Mt. Rainier and I have a new appreciation for exercise above 10,000 feet. I don't know how you do it for 100 miles.

Love the stache, just watched the Prefontaine movie last week.

And what a perfect word verification they are asking me to type in "FASTa"

Sam said...

Thanks guys- I'll work on more exciting videos for your enjoyment. Haha.

Will, congrats on your Rainier summit! That's awesome- it's a really fun climb and adventure isn't it? Yeah, the Prefontaine movie is definitely excellent inspiration for charging hard- I've seen both, but definitely prefer "Without Limits." Happy trails!