Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stroller Derby and Renewed Motivation

This past weekend I took our twin 10 month old girls out for their first official race- the Seattle Ghost Half Marathon.  I pushed them in our awesome jogging stroller, and despite the chilly temps they had a really fun time.  They laughed and we sang, and chatted much of the race- they hardly napped at all.  Not only that, but when it was all said and done, the girls finished as 2nd women overall (they tied each other)!  It is a real joy to get our girls outside every day and see the pure delight they have in simply getting outside and enjoying the crisp fresh air.

I haven't run any races or really any major training runs in quite a while, and this race with the girls was a really nice energy boost for me.  Perhaps I've been in a funk from a post-Rainier Triple Threat hangover of sorts.  I've gone through this sort of thing before; you are so focused on a single big event for so long, that when it's actually completed, it's pretty difficult to get motivated to move forward.  That said, my body was ready for a nice break anyway, and I feel fresh and ready to jump back into running more seriously in the coming weeks and months, and I'm excited about it.  I have no major plans in the works, but am excited to be back on the running train for the sheer joy of it. 


PhotoMatt said...

The Thompson Twins looked very lovely out there in their first competition Saturday, and the grin you had while pushing them was even sweeter.

Talk to their agent and see if they're available March 26. Their top-two finish qualifies them for the elite start at Dizzy Daze.

Sam said...

Nice! Thanks Matt- I'll speak with their agent to check availability for the illustrious Dizzy Daze... I have a good feeling they might be open that weekend. Tough to say no to an elite start offer.

You looked fantastic at the race too, and your stirring rendition of "Hold Me Know" powered us on to our strong finish. Hope your bod is feeling a bit better and hopefully I'll bump into you in Carkeek sometime soon!