Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Friend Paul

Please make sure to read the previous two posts, as I posted them all around the same time.

Early on in Sam's trek, he and Brock ran into a guy named Paul Pomeroy who was running in the opposite direction.  (My memory brings me back to when Sam ran the Appalachian Trail.  He saw so many people on the trail and was so recognizable - as the only guy with a shaved head and definitely the only guy running the trail - that he earned the nickname "Flash" from his fellow hikers.  But I digress...)

Unknown to the crew before meeting up, Paul was attempting to set the trail speed record going south to north, instead of north to south.  A day later Paul set the trail record of 8 days, 12 hours, 14 minutes, .05 seconds.  We know this because Paul posted a comment under the "Day 4" blog entry.

It must be said - this is a truly amazing accomplishment... congratulations Paul!  Paul was extremely gracious on the trail and we wish him nothing but the best.  It takes an amazing degree of physical preparation and (more importantly) mental fortitude to do what Paul did, and the irony of Sam and Paul's meeting is only reinforced by the uniqueness of their amazing abilities.  Ahem... even though we're still rooting bigtime for Sam to break Paul's 2-day old record, Paul deserves a ton of credit for this feat.  

Nicely done, my man, and keep in touch.


Shane Robinson said...

Nice work! Keep going! On the reservation right now, and will send positive thoughts your way in the sweat lodge tonight!

Being from Colorado and quite familiar with the trail, it is truly impressive to see the ground you are covering each day.

Brock's friend,

Lalocalindsay said...

Sam, Kirsten, Brock,
You are pillars of strength and mental fortitude-- from the 51 50 50, sunrise/sunset/sunburned legs on Rainier, and now this. I thought of you guys all thru the WR50 last weekend. I don't think I would have attempted all the races that I have if I didn't have such inspirational friends.
I can't wait to see the 'mission completed' blog, to celebrate your success, and be part of future endeavors, as there really is no stopping you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers amigos, see you soon,

Monk Monkey said...

So inspiring!

Brock, great updates and amazing support!

Kirsten, you are incredible! Keep it up!

Sam, you have the best job in the world. Have fun and enjoy those views!


Anonymous said...

Hang tough, Sam! Hope you're having a great time out there. We're rooting for you and wish we could be there...instead of here...at our desks. We'll live vicariously through your blogs.

Rock On!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Sam - you are an inspiration man... literally. I went to the gym yesterday after reading your blog and started running again. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

Sam said...

Come on Sam... I know you can do this. I'm in complete agreement with Goss... your determination is an inspiration even for us normal people.

Yes, it is true. We're all truly inspired by the guy who...

- Won the Mr. Shamrock men's beauty pageant by rigging it so his question from the judges was "describe your love for your mother" and answering "my love for my mother is as deep as the sea..."
- Dressed up like Jim Spencer freshman year for econ 101 tests to harness his quant powers
- Ran the Memphis Marathon in below-freezing weather in short shorts and a sports bra
- Has befriended Sean Walton for more than 15 years when no one else would.


- Dave

Anonymous said...

So is this comment section the Rhodes reunion thread? Seems like it... count me in.

Sam, keep it up buddy. I ran 7.1 miles yesterday though, not 71. Unbelievable.

Sue said...

unbelievable, Sam. the worst has GOT to be behind you at this point. go for it!

Unknown said...


Keep goin! It's 2am and I just concluded a flight delay/cancellation disaster at Newark airport, which lasted half a day. I think it's fair to compare my suffering to the pain you're feeling right now....kidding, but I am glad that there are no small children wielding plastic bottles as weapons on the trail. Separately, Bennigan's is shutting down (for good) - use your fury from this news to propel you down the trail. Show no mercy.